Why Taking Time Off Is Good For Your Work

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“How have you been doing these days?”

“Oh I’ve been really busy lately!”

It is usually the most common answer you will ever receive from your friends or family members whom you haven’t seen lately. In this fast-paced lifestyle, people are always busy. To keep up with the rat race, they spread themselves too thin to even be able to find some time for their own family and friends.

Inevitably, there is a dark side to this busy life we lead these days. The more work we cram into our daily lives, the more stress, tension, and anxiety we throw ourselves into. The ultimate consequence of this phenomenon is known as the “Burnout Syndrome”.

Burnout at work is generally caused by chronic and excessive stress, which ultimately leads to a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion, leaving you extremely unmotivated, frustrated and overworked. Several studies have identified the most common symptoms of corporate burnout syndrome. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Withdrawal from social interactions and even personal relationships
  2. Pessimistic outlook towards life, generating a downward spiral
  3. Lower mental and emotional strength and energy, frequent emotional outbursts, mood swings, impatience
  4. Reduced productivity, reluctance to go to work, lack of concentration and consistently low work output
  5. Low immunity, increased susceptibility to diseases and illness, often causing frequent collapsing or fainting or even heart conditions

Anyone can experience burnout. However, in recent years, the number of business owners and entrepreneurs facing burnout syndrome symptoms has gone up to 65%.

It is not just about managing burnout stress. A person who is a victim of burnout syndrome goes through a constant overwhelming exhaustion, feelings of cynicism, tiredness, and irritation from the excessive workload. He eventually starts to manifest pessimistic conceptions about himself as well as others around him. The rate of business owners in the US dealing with burnout has gone above 55%.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are passionate about their job and are ready to do everything it takes. However, it is essential to incorporate an adequate amount of rest and time for recuperation. Otherwise, they are bound to experience burnout.

Burnout has a deep underlying connection with what they call as the “Superhero Syndrome”. Do you feel constantly overwhelmed with work? Are you always moving from one thing to the next never finding time for yourself? If yes, then you are a victim of Superhero Syndrome. As a business owner, it is always good to aim higher and try to achieve more. However, it creates a problem when you are constantly striving to do everything single-handedly by yourself.

Entrepreneurs often suffer from Superhero syndrome because they want to do as much as possible on their own in order to build their business in the “perfect” way. It may seem like a nice idea to wear all the hats in your business and be the hero — but it has a downside.

Doing too much at once is bound to develop stress and burnout. Therefore, it is obvious that burnout is an outcome of having Superhero syndrome. British author Chris Ducker described Superhero syndrome in his book as “feeling a compulsive need to do it all”. According to him, this is a condition that is certain to lead you towards burnout and that’s why it is harmful — especially to young entrepreneurs and their business.

You are suffering from Superhero syndrome when you are trying to achieve too much but end up only putting extra pressure on yourself, which eventually leads to burnout. As a result, the total output from all the effort you put in is really insignificant. Burnout is something that can potentially harm you and even put an end to all your entrepreneurial plans. Hence, it is high time to make corrections in your behaviour for the sake of your business and your own mental state once you notice the symptoms of Superhero syndrome.

An effective way to avoid this situation is to take some time off and go on a vacation. A number of studies have proved that taking time away from your work actually gives you a better outlook on life and motivates you to achieve your goals. It prevents you from experiencing burnout — makes you more productive and creative when you’re getting overworked.

Taking a break from work and taking a vacation is necessary — not only in terms of improving productivity — but also to be able to enjoy your job and the people around you even more.

Alyse Kalish, a prime writer & editor in Business Insider says, whenever she finds herself in a bad mood or feeling exhausted on a regular basis, or doesn’t seem to look forward to going to work any more, she knows it’s time for her to unplug and go on a holiday. Kathryn Minshew, the founder & CEO of The Muse says she’s the most creative when she’s exploring.

Vacation can give you one of the greatest opportunity — to thing big, have some of the bravest and outrageous experimental ideas and play around with them when you come back. You may even find yourself having made a breakthrough in your work!

Taking few days off makes it much easier to gain better perspective. You can enjoy your vacation and at the same time recalibrate. Going on adventures helps discover many different ways to live — it charges you up and refreshes your understanding.

So have you been experiencing the feeling when you’ve gone to work, sat down, looked at your to-do list, and you just want to start crying?

Know that its time. Why not this new year let’s just take that break and go out on that adventure that you’ve been planning for so long? Or go find a beach where you can unwind, spend some quality time and enjoy an abundance of fruity drinks!



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