How To Improve Organic Traffic Without High Ranking

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Suppose you have a small business that hasn’t yet got a good enough website ranking in Google’s SERP. Does that mean there’s no hope for your business in terms of generating organic traffic?

For a lot of us, trying to rank high on Google can feel like a gamble. And needless to say, it obviously doesn’t happen overnight. But it is possible to boost organic traffic to your website without ranking in Google’s top 10.

Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. can put your content on fast track. But first and foremost, your content needs to be of good value. If you have quality content, then it is sure going to get the deserved attention eventually.

You need to make sure that when someone reads your content he or she can find it of extreme value. Once you are sure of the value your content gives to others, the potential traffic you will get from it is truly huge.

Black hat SEO techniques doesn’t draw viewers to websites more than once or twice, and sooner or later, Google and other search engine operators catch on to those tricks and penalize the website.

Therefore, put your effort in producing high-quality content that readers will definitely want to share with their colleagues and friends. When you produce useful content for your niche audience, Google recognizes it. When your readers spend time on your page without immediately bouncing off, you are rewarded with increased visibility.

Content is the king — and the same goes for when your website is shared on social networks.

If you want to get organic traffic, you cannot get lazy with your content creation.

Video marketing

There’s another relatively easier and simpler solution to get noticed without ranking high on Google SERP — it is to create video content for your company’s YouTube Channel. It’s a great way if you have a product based company.

Start by reviewing your products and including links to shop for them in your e-commerce store. Then, contact an influencer with high engagement levels on YouTube and offer to pay them to review your products and to drop a link to your e-commerce site.

Not only can this draw organic traffic to your store, but it can also help bolster your search rankings.

Guest blogging

Start guest blogging — share your valuable content with others who will find value in it. For instance, suppose you are new to the scene and you have quality content which can be of great value and others will need it.

Reach out to the similar sites and guest post that content of yours. All you ask for is a link back to your site.

If you can reach out to say 100 sites, and to to say the least, half of them take you up on it — even then it’s a win-win. Your content is going to provide tremendous value to them and in turn, you can get a mountain of free traffic, with little work on your end.

Bottom line

The digital marketing industry very much tends to idealize SEO as a traffic source. But it is also necessary for us to evolve as much as the internet is evolving constantly.

Whichever the way it is, one thing is constant — it always takes some concrete and actionable steps to improve your visibility in the long-term. And it always starts with producing valuable content in written, video and visual formats and sharing them widely with high-authority players in your market niche.



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