How To Catch The Freelance Wave In The Post-COVID Economy?

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To all those who have been working remotely for the past couple of months, let me ask you a question — Would you be happy to go back to your office, or would you prefer working from home even after the pandemic ends?

I ask this question because, currently, the future of remote working is the hottest topic among freelancers globally. Since work from home is the new norm, there’s surely a big fuss going on whether this trend will favor freelancers or ruin their business?

COVID-19 is bringing unprecedented changes to the world. As organizations across the world are getting used to remote working, the demand for freelance jobs is on the rise now. Software developers, social media marketers, social media managers, graphic designers, digital experts, content creators, and others who hold jobs that can be performed online are all experiencing the growing preference for remote work.

Why is freelance work growing?

Companies are now hiring from a pool of talented freelancers for a short duration. Some of the biggest reasons behind the visible rise of freelancers are following:

Be safe and work

The only way businesses can stay operational during the coronavirus pandemic is by working remotely. Freelancing is only sure shot safety option for employees to keep working and keep earning.

Save costs

Hiring freelancers can eliminate unnecessary costs. Companies are looking to leverage independent skills because hiring a remote worker costs significantly less money than hiring a full-time employee. Besides, it potentially reduces the chances of turnover in this crisis period.

Make money

Many businesses are facing a downfall. Some of the biggest companies are laying off their employees. Job security is disappearing. This uncertainty is causing people to look for freelance jobs. So as the crisis is deepening, freelance work is accelerating.

Increase productivity

While companies are adopting the change and establishing the norms of remote work, they have also learned that freelancers can be easily integrated into their already distributed teams to increase their productivity. They also know that people feel the most comfortable working from their homes rather than from co-working spaces or office desks.

Flexible timing

The COVID-19 pandemic has made freelancing a popular trend. Even the biggest companies are embracing the idea of hiring freelancers. One of the primary reasons being flexible timings. Remote work is encouraging flexible timing, more creativity and more efficiency.

Freelance marketplace options for newbies

Here I’m going to list out some online websites for freelancers that will connect you with the right people.


It is a global freelancing platform and the most popular of them out there. It’s hot among designers, programmers, content creators and coders. This marketplace has over 5 million clients and 3 million jobs a year.


This platform is perfect for the ones who are planning to kick start their career as a freelancer. You can showcase your unique skills such as designing logos, writing content, coding, digital marketing, and much more. Businesses prefer this platform for discovering talented freelancers who can be the right fit for their job.


Another great platform for businesses to access freelance workers. It has a unique feature — which is location based targeting. Businesses can hire freelancers from the same city.

Tips for getting started

The job market may seem a little unpredictable at this moment, but the future of freelancing sure looks bright. After all, remote work is the most suitable option for many people right now. So in that note, let me share a few tips for getting started:

Know your skills

Spend considerable amount of time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. In accordance with that, determine exactly what type of working style suits the best for you.

Build your image

Nicely fill out your online profile with proper portfolio and skills. Clearly showcase your past work so that people can easily understand what you can offer.

Keep upskilling

Expand your capabilities and upgrade yourself to ensure that your skills remain up-to-date. To do that, you can take online courses from Udemy, edX or Coursera.


Do a few individual jobs to test the waters. Keep other sources of income open while you try out this new thing.

Know your worth

Once you become familiar with the freelance world, understand your market value. While you keep upskilling and expanding your abilities, don’t forget to adjust your costs accordingly.

Bottom line

Digitization has significantly helped people find good opportunities for income generation online. To survive the post COVID-19 freelance wave, it is very crucial to find your own area of expertise or niche. As long as you’re able to bring something extra to the job, you will have a value in the long run.



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